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Ice Cream Bar Molds For a Summery Treat

On hot days, bring joy to your kids and family with a homemade Ice pop. Having a popsicle mold that’s easy to use: fill, store, and remove treats from will make the whole process a smooth one.

This article will help you to make yourself popsicles for your family. Here you can find kits and silicone moulds to give your delicious ice cream an unique shape, also you can use them for bavarois on stick, ice lollies, lollipops, semifreddo, all without using the ice cream maker.

It is super easy and fun to make popsicles. Use them all year around.

Would You Like One Of These Classic Ice Cream Bar Silicone Molds...

For more entertainment each pop could be shaped like a different character, even better if you use matching sticks for extra flair. Just imagine your kids reaching into your freezer for a homemade ice pop with the shape of the animal they like the most.

Not only ice pops! You can make Ice cream bowls that you can enjoy with funny themed scoops, and other iced treats for your family.

The marketplace offers several ice cream bar professional silicone molds for creating ice cream bars on a stick. You can quickly and reliably create elegant eye-catching ice cream bars.

Silicone Ice Cream Molds

Ice pops are a wonderful treat... but only if you can extract that ice pop in one piece. Look for molds that come with a glossy non-stick surface which allows ice cream to pop out with ease. The glossy surface ensures an easy release for all types of use.

It's better to use a silicone mold where you wiggle out your ice pop easily once hot water is run on it. Also, if you want to enjoy your frozen treat even more, look for those molds where the base of the popsicle is solid plastic or comes with drip protection.

Use a silicone mini ice cream bar mold in a classic shape if you want to remember those times when you were a child.

Now it's very easy to make homemade treats for kids with ice cream bar molds. Look for a  popsicle mold that has an eco-friendly reusable design and it also makes the filling and cleaning easy.

There are kits that come with a collapsible funnel for easy filling pouring and also include a  cleaning brush to get into the tight molds.

What Are The Best Popsicle Molds to Buy?

Look for those kits that include: wooden sticks, sealable plastic bags for storing, a collapsible funnel for making filling very easy. If you read carefully the description of the product you can get a perfect high quality silicone molding system to get you started.

If you want to prepare many popsicles for a party for example, then choose a set that include handy popsicle bags. With those bags you can make say ten popsicles and pop each one in the bag to freeze and then make another round of ten. Great addition to the kit!

There are several brands that offer molds made of food-safe 100-Percent platinum silicone, one of the highest quality commercial silicone which complies with FDA and CE food standards. Platinum based liquid silicone (lsr) uses injected molds rather than stamped molds; this allows for greater details, flexibility and of course, longer wear.

Glossy non-stick surface allows ice cream to pop out with ease; easy clean up
Complies with FDA and CE regulations; non toxic, odorless, tasteless; no fillers added
Made in italy; dishwasher, microwave, freezer (-80-degreef) and oven safe

Also go for those products that offer effortless unmolding of ice cream, generally those manufacturers are the one who offer a mold made of silicone with non-stick qualities and semi-flexible form.

Just in case if you are wondering if is it easy to remove popsicles from the mold if it doesn't have  non-stick quality then let me tell you that removing ice pop from your mold it's very easy once water is run on the bottom of the mold or if you simply let your mold sit in a tray of water. Then you just squeeze moderately the bottom of the mold and the Popsicle will pop out.

Of course it is better if your ice bar pops right out, with no need to dip the molds in water to loosen the filling.

Besides of using a high-quality silicone mold and choosing a mold that allows your frozen treat easily to pull out (rather than submerge the mold in hot water, you can simply peel back the silicone to release your popsicle) other desirable features for this product are: that come with great funny shapes and also that include classically shaped molds Another desirable feature is the mold should be dishwasher safe.

You want a mold kit that includes a recipe booklet to get you inspired with dozens of recipes for easy healthy ice cream treats for your kids and your guests. Inspired by these recipes you could use natural fruits, juices, yogurts, along with other ingredients and flavors that your little ones love.

Just imagine your homemade ice cream of coconut milk and tropical fruits. Of course, these molds are multi-use: you can fill them with juice, puree, yogurt, apple sauce, ice cream and more.

We hope you enjoyed all the different suggestions on different stainless steel popsicle molds  and different sizes you can have for commercial use or simply for home.