Specialty Toothbrush for Special Needs Autism Sensitive Gums Toddler 3-Sided Surround

The Surround Toothbrush comes with an unique design so it’s ideal for those people with special need when it’s time to brush their teeth or simply want a good system for cleaning their teeth without damaging gums or enamel.

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This specialty toothbrush comes with a 3-bristle pad great design to help you clean all surfaces of the teeth simultaneously.

Many people tend to forget clean one side of the teeth, for example the internal face of the teeth, so now this won’t be a problem because with this amazing design with just one pass you won’t forget any side.

So you won’t leave any tooth surface unattended and each stroke will have maximum efficiency.

This unique Surround® Toothbrush has 3 rows of bristles in order to surround the front and back of the teeth and also the biting surfaces all at the same time.

The soft, end-rounded bristles and smooth, make brushing safe and comfortable for both adults and kids.

They are also cost effective, because you can get them in packs of 4 or 8, so you will be purchasing for all the family.

They also come in Toddler sizes too (and also in packs of several units.

Speaking of surround toothbrush for toddlers, they will help your little ones to learn good healthy habits for dental care, they also will take less time brushing their teeth and gum line.

And the experience will be more enjoyable and since the handle is wide they will find easy for your toddler to handle.

Of course comes with a child-sized head. If you wear braces then the shorter bristles will make this toothbrush ideal for you since it can go around the appliance.

Since the 3-bristle pads come at different angles you will clean all surfaces of the teeth at the same time, so you will save time and off course you will have less visits to the dental care specialist.

It’s a great choice for those of you who wants a thorough brushing for even more healthy teeth.

Not only for the family, but also for those professionals who provide oral hygiene to those people with autism or wants a Specialty Toothbrush for Special Needs.

It’s very easy to use because both the head and handle are covered with a comfortable non-slip cushion grip, and also the handle comes with a long enough size to keep fingers safe.

It comes with soft end-rounded real bristles (which is good for those people with inflamed or sensitive gums) and heart-shaped compact head which you can protect with the reusable cover.

If you want to explore other good options then look for a DenTrust 3-Sided Toothbrush or a colgate 360 surround manual toothbrush, these have good reviews from past customer on some ecommerce sites.