OXO Good Grips Large Dish Silicone Fast Drying Mat Thick Kitchen Countertop Sink Non-Slip Heat Resistant

You want to keep your kitchen and cooking place dry and neat. After you use your dishwasher you want an efficient way to dry large and small items alike without any problems.

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Enter the OXO Good Grips Square (or rectangular) Large Silicone Drying Mat.

Good for drying plates, bowls, vases, pots, etc.

One of the unique design advantages of this Drying Mat it's the rib which maximises aeration for better cleaning and also elevates items from the surface.

But you don't want to cause a mess in your kitchen just for having this item there, well, after you use and clean this mat, you can roll it up for storing the mat using little space.

Of course this Oxo drying mat is dishwasher safe and very comfortable to use because its non-slip surface.

It's very safe because it's made from food-safe silicone.