Best Silhouette Cameo Parts Accessories Kit

Having the right machine for the job can bring a project to reality in front of you, more easily. Without the right tools of the trade to accompany your machine there is not an easy time when you are doing your craft.

The Silhouette CAMEO is an electronic cutting machine for personal use. Designing, Crafting, Cutting. The Silhouette CAMEO is amazingly versatile and it’s the perfect tool for paper crafting projects

The silhouette cameo kit include a cutting blade, a cutting mat, several exclusive cuttable designs and a gift card to redeem in the Silhouette Online Store. Also Includes access to thousands of downloadable designs.

With this selection of Silhouette Cameo supplies, you will find all the basic tools for a job well done. This kit it’s very handy when it comes to small details, to lift and create delicate designs. These Cameo accessories and replacement parts will help you to create and work around the most intricate shapes of all sizes.

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Since certain tools and accessories can only be work with specific machines, please make sure to check previously if your machine has compatibility with the tool you are intending to get.

A very handy little Silhouette tool kit (scraper, spatula, hook, pickmeup, 6, and microfiber cloth), It's very good for the beginner to the crafting making because is both simple and cheap.

With this machine you can create intricate projects of all sizes from small (1/4" wide) to large (12" wide and 10-feet long). It has an unlimited cutting length. It can cut a variety of materials paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric. Great for Scrapbook layouts, cards,custom apparel, vinyl decor, etched glass, sketch designs, and paper crafts.

You can even go from a hobby to full on using a Cameo machine, maybe you need that extra money from a second source of income.

Maybe you are here looking to purchase this tool for your wife. She will love the extra help tools will give her to apply intricate designs way easier. She will be able to make Intricate cuts, precision duplication, and smooth edges. She will love it.

There are accessories available such as the Silhouette Starter Pack Sketch Pen which could enhance your designs. The silhouette studio store offers sketch images that are meant to be drawn instead of cut and that’s where these pens come handy. These pens are available in eight essential colors and they are designed to fit directly into the blade holder of your Silhouette machine.

Having a back-up blade on hand is a must! You don’t know when you’re going to need it, and that time more often than not it’s right in the middle of an important project, isn’t it?

So it’s a good idea to have at least one extra blade available for when the blade that came originally with your machine becomes dull. The replacement blade is compatible with all Silhouette electronic cutting tools.

The duration of your first blade will depend on how frequently you use your machine and what materials you’re cutting. The Silhouette cutting machine includes a cutting mat in the box.

The same advice goes for the cutting mat. The general recommendation is to have at least one extra mat around as a back-up. That doesn’t mean you should not care about the mat, there are creative ways to extend the life of your mat such as cleaning the mat with soft baby wipes or even warm water and gentle soap.

If you have a blade that’s not new, you don’t necessarily have to also replace the blade when replacing the cutting. The blade should work like new with the new mat and of course with the Cameo machine!

As you may know the cutting mat allows you to cut thin material like paper. Since the mat comes with grid lines, you can fit media to those lines on the mat in order to position each cut exactly where you need it.

If you need to work with vinyl then the scraper it’s a must. This tool and the hook are essential to work with or heat transfer vinyl. While the hook will help you to weed out (or remove) the unwanted parts of your design, you use the scraper to smooth out the vinyl and transfer tape.

If you decide to purchase any of the starter kits, check to make sure those kits include a hook and a scraper tool, for example the Vinyl, Glass Etching or HTV Starter Kits.

Another accessory to keep handy is a dust cover. You need to protect your machine from dust particles. Or even better if you DIY! You could create an amazing one with so many bright colors or if you prefer to dedicate your time to other things Silhouette store has some pretty fun colors that might call your attention.

It’s also a good idea to have a good stack of cardstock on hand. You will find many uses for cardstock, cards, banners, envelopes, etc. first cuts that many people made on Cameo machines were on cardstock!

And it’s a very easy to find material since you can purchase stacks of cardstock in your local craft store. As long you get the high quality version of cardstock you will always get a clean cut with this versatile material.

These easy-to-use tools help you to perform the basic functions of your Silhouette, be it cutting, embossing, debossing, etching, or stippling. They allow you to cut designs created in the Silhouette Studio software to help create amazing custom projects quickly and easily.

So many crafting possibilities! focus on the recommended supplies for Silhouette Cameo and you will create amazing designs for yourself. When it comes to shapes, intricate designs in any size, titles and paper embellishments, the Silhouette can help you to get the perfect fit for every layout.