Scrub Daddy Scratch Free Cleaning Tool Odor Free Antibacterial Sponges Heavy Duty Scrubber

When you have guests at home, there is one thing that always they will notice: the surface of your tabletops, shelves and racks.

Today, with this article we will find an hassle free way to keep them your furniture clean using a specialized sponge to wipe away the surface dirt without leaving any scratches or spots.

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You can also use it for dusting off the surface of books, and other paper and fragile products.

A good cleaning sponge it always comes handy for everyday use.

This cleaning tool is very useful for dusting off any surface at home.

Sponges are made up of porous material, and they are made of cellulose or foamed plastic polymers.

Try to always get a Scratch Free Sponge.

For example Scrub Daddy comes with FlexTexture technology and fund design, you can organize your cleaning differentiating each area with one of the 3 colors available (orange, blue, and green), so you will mitigate the risk of cross contamination.

You could use one for the the kitchen, another for the laundry room and the last one for areas such the garage, you are not limited to those areas though.

Or you can use the Scratch Free Scrub Daddy that come with 4 colors if you want better organization.
It can remove debris when cleaning without scratching your surfaces, so it could be good for many surfaces such as stainless steel, non-stick coatings, plastic or even glass (but remember, it's always a good idea to test a the sponge or any cleaning product for that matter in a very small area just to test).

Also you can alter the scrubbing power and texture by adjusting the water temperature.

On disadvantage of these colorful sponges is that customers says they don’t last much, after a few days of normal use they tend to fall apart, with the additional negative of leaving those small pieces of the sponge all over the surfaces you are cleaning.

For that reason you may opt for a Scrub Daddy Heavy Duty Sponge which according to the product description lasts up to 3 months.

Also comes with larger pores than the original cleaning sponge so that means even more cleaning power. They are designed for heavy uses for outdoor, restaurants, etc.

You can take advantage of the water temperature for achieving the best results, if you use warm water the sponge stays soft, if you use cool water instead the foam becomes firm.

You can slice this Scruby Daddy HD into smaller sponges, thus creating additional pieces which is ideal for various cleaning jobs and saving money.

You can also get good sponges with antimicrobial properties for Dish, to avoid that smell that you can sometimes get with other scrubbers.

Those stink free cleaning sponges Inhibit bacteria, so allowing your sponge to always stay fresh, so you don’t need to sanitize your sponges in dishwasher or microwave.

See below for some good antibacterial odor free alternatives for your kitchen.

So if you are looking for good cleaning sponges made of durable scratch-free materials that help you to clean any surface with only using water or mild cleaning products or baking soda as many people report.

Then take a look on Scrub Daddy and other related products, read the reviews and decide if you want one of these for your next cleaning round.

The sponges have those characteristics that make them the perfect tool for cleaning.

They will absorb and hold water which can be either dispersed alone or with other cleaning liquids, such as detergents.

They also good for dusting off dirt, which they are able to hold in till squeezed.