Sakura Gelly Roll Souffle Stardust Pens Artist Gift Set Glaze 57361 74-Piece Assorted Colors Adult Coloring Markers

If you give this Sakura gelly roll pens gift set you will giving the present of creativity and fine taste to your friend or family.

Those 74 Gelly roll pens with 6 inches long come with that amazing and hypnotic metallic moonlight stardust will left people in the know, designers and such speechless.

They also glow under black light.

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One of the most common question when people see this package, is if there is any difference between this huge package and the other one which contains 10 less items, I mean 64 pens.

Well, those 10 additional pens are in details about the always wonderful moonlight pens, this 74-piece package will give you same 10 moonlight colors but in finer 0.3mm tip in addition to the 0.5mm tip.

Other people like to complement this set with the souffles (even when some people complain souffles run out of ink very fast, and if this is too much concern for you then buy glaze pens, which also are high quality).

In order to differentiate colors and types you should know that Moonlight pens come with a small moon printed on the cap while the starlight ones have a shooting star printed.

Yes, this package tends to be in the high-priced range, but they are sought after because they allow a smooth writing and driving, and people are amazed by vibrant colors.

Also the ink is bit thicker, maybe this is to give that special effect to metallic colors, which btw leave a fantastic trace on black paper.

If you want to do a great job and letting creativity to explode you can’t go wrong with one of these.

But if you keep in mind prices then of course you will want these for your best projects not only for post-it notes an average drafts pages.

So if high cost are your main concern then you should know these are worth the high price, but purchase them if you know what you are doing with them not just beginners.

They flow so great and they are so full of ink with amazing vivid colors.

This a wonderful package for gelly roll lovers.

These set conforms to ASTM D 4236. And the package clear case is sturdy and strong.

You could get help from the included color chart with the names of each color for reference.

So what are pens included in this 74-piece package. Just take note of the amazing gift you will be giving away: 14 metallic gel pens, 17 classic pens, 11 are medium point and 6 repeated colors are fine point, 20 Moonlight, 13 are stardust, 10 pens with silver and gold shadow.