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You came here because you are looking for the right tool set you need to shake up a professional cocktail.

For a bartending job you not only need good people skills, you also will need the proper professional cocktail equipment too.

It doesn’t matter whether you're thinking on working as a professional bartender (mixologist) or you simply want to learn how to maintain a home bar for serving family and friends with a good few cocktail recipes.

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No matter what you will need to know how to use some pro bartender tools tools in order to prepare your favorite drinks.

The purpose of this issue is to give you a roundup of some basic tools that most professional bartenders use to do their job well, also we include some items such unusual cocktail shakers and try to look for a pink bartender kit.

Nonetheless, browse the list below and you will find both basic tool kits use for the pros and also the aspiring person for the nice office of bartending.

You will surely benefit when you know the different items used for mixologist that do the right things.

Also you will need a basic understanding of some bartending techniques if you wish to prepare the most popular drink recipes, so we try to include some good books or tutorials here.

If you are looking for the best cocktail supplies, then this list will give you some insights to know at least a starting point.

Some basic tools are a Bar Spoon, which you will use to stir drinks.

A blender, as you know this is a very important item for cocktail shaking, it needs to the right one because you will need to crush ice cubes unlike a regular kitchen blender.

Of course you will also need a good bottle opener or simply use a waiter's corkscrew.

Other important bartender tools are Church Key, A Boston shaker a glass rimmer a grater, a Cutting Board, an Ice Bucket (and ice crusher), a muddler, a Jigger, a Paring Knife, a Pourer.

And many other Items such as coasters to prevent rings on the cleaned bar, a good set of napkins, straws, among others.
For you aspiring bartenders, maybe you don’t need right now to purchase a professional bartending kit because most probably the bar where you will work have most of the equipment needed.

But as you are learning more and more you will need your own tools in order to master more and more bartending techniques preparing drinks at home.

Yes, most professional mixologists use expensive equipment.but you could get more cheaper pro cocktail equipment so it will be a lot easier start practicing at home.

Whatever bartender tools you decide to get first at least have these tools: a bar spoon, a cocktail shaker (there some funny unusual ones), a strainer ,and jigger.

The blender it’s also a good idea. If you are bartender woman then you could look for a pink bartender kit.