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Swimming is one of the coolest activities you could do, and if you have your own private pool at home, then that’s great since you will be able to enjoy it anytime you want.

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Sometimes, specially on winter season you want to keep your pool water warm and inviting in order to create a more enjoyable environment for when your family want to exercise on water.

Gas pool heaters are an excellent way to heat your swimming pool bringing the water to a comfortable and steady temperature, this way your swimming experience will be more enjoyable.

This page list some gas swimming pool heaters reviews so you could make an informed decision when acquiring the model that meets your currently needs at home.

Since there are some cost associated with most electric heaters, you will be glad to know your monthly bills won’t exceed your budget if you use swimming pool natural gas heaters (or propane) because they come with cost saving benefits over other kind of heaters.

So they are an excellent alternative to provide comfort to your swimming pool in those times when you won’t be using it otherwise, so they represent a good option for homeowners.

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There are two basic types of gas heaters for heating the water of your in ground pool, they are natural gas heaters and propane gas heaters.

Both kind of gas based pool heaters are high-efficient to perform the task of heating larger volumes of pool water, and as was already mentioned they won’t break the bank unlike most electric heaters.

So they are a cheap alternative that will allow you and your family to swim and enjoy your private pool without winter stopping you.

Solar pool heater reviews are outside the scope of this particular page, but I’m sure you could also find good and cheap options for those solar operated heaters.

The difference between natural gas and propane heaters is mainly cost related.

If you compare these two the less expensive option is to use natural gas heaters (which operation cost typically are approx. half as propane heaters).

Needless to say (but I’m saying it anyway) you should make sure your property is getting natural gas supplies, check this prior to purchasing a natural gas heater.

If not, then consider the second less expensive option which is propane gas heaters.

When it’s time to shop for your best options you have to compare and assess the main factors that will define the quality of these heater units.

But before you have to understand what are those BTU ratings for each unit.

British Thermal Units (BTU), are a measure of the amount of energy that the heater unit requires to raise the water temperature by one degree Fahrenheit.

Of course the higher BTU ratings are the faster will pool water will heat and also the model will be more expensive to purchase.

Other parameter you have to compare is the efficiency rating of the heater, if you read that a gas fired heater has an efficiency rating of 89%, that mean, 15% of the energy is wasted as inefficiency of the heating operation.

You want to get the most highly efficient unit (meaning less energy wasted) with the most affordable BTU rating you could get, this way you will achieve a faster water heating without higher costs of operation, thus it’s more environmentally and costly friendly.

Another thing you should consider is the location of the installation. Would you like to install it outdoors or inside a pool house.

You have to read specifications in order to respect requirements of each model because some of them need be installed specifically for indoors.

And for the ones installed outdoors, it's very important to make sure to go for weather resistant in order to withstand ice, rain, snow and other elements during the winter months where the unit will be operating.

There are other factor such as the ignition systems (pilot light or electronic ignition system), etc, but the most important in terms of cost and operation were already mentioned.

Some models you could find listed online with good reviews are hayward pool heaters (h series parts), don’t forget to research for above ground pool heater electric (or gas fired model) if your swimming pool is located above ground.

Gas heaters are easy to install and won’t require much maintenance and offer low cost of operation, unlike pool heater electric, so whenever you want to swim in warm water you can use one of these easy to operate pool heating units.

With a swimming pool gas heater working for your comfort you will be able to enjoy an extended swimming season no matter the weather of the season of the year.

Just imagine yourself diving into your private pool enjoying a comfortable warmth while you and your family exercise swimming or just having fun on water.

This is a review site for in ground pools, but if your pool is aboveground you can also find cheap pool heaters for above ground pools at good prices.