Microfiber Car Duster Multipurpose Detailing Interior Exterior Cleaning Reviews Hand Chenille Abro Wash Mitt

If you as a father want to have your car perfectly clean, then take advantage of the best microfiber car dusters you will find in the car cleaning and detailing marketplace.

Never use home or furniture cleaning products for your car, this way you will avoid to damage the interior and exterior of your car.

When the cold months roll around, automobile maintenance becomes even more important than it is during the summer months. If you live in a cold climate then you need to know how to maintain your car in winter time. Frozen hoses can do a lot of damage to your vehicle. Tires have to do a lot more work in the cold months and if you want them to do their job then they definitely need to have sufficient tread to grip the road.

Windshield wipers are a must to help you maintain visibility in blinding snowstorms. This may mean that you have to replace wiper blades that have worn out from use during the summer and fall. Windshield wipers are fairly easy to replace, just make sure that you purchase the correct size for the particular make and model.

Along with wipers, windshield wiper fluid is important to cut down on the dirt and grime that can accumulate on windshields during the coldest months. It is important to always use windshield wiper fluid in the reservoir since it will not freeze during the cold months.

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One of the greatest advantages of these microfiber cleaning mop for cars is their superior absorbency level, which it make them ideal for dusting the interior of your car, even just using the cloth damped with water.

Microfiber cleaning cloths may hold up to several times their own weight in liquid, so they won’t leave streaks or marks, much less scratching your car exterior.

Also this will help to cut down on the use of disposable cleaning towels or cloths because they are heavy duty, which make these car detailing microfiber towels environmentally friendly (specially when no water or specialized chemicals are needed) while you dust, wash and clean your car effectively, producing a mirror-like shine on all finishes of your car.

The way microfiber is defined is when fibers used are 1 denier or less (the fineness is measured in deniers).

For giving you an example when we are talking microfiber we are talking about scales in the order of 1/100th of a human hair.

Suffice to say that the open spaces in the microfiber allow for the car cleaning duster to pick up and absorb dirt for a better cleaning process.

So a car interior duster together with a specialized shampoo is the ideal tool for achieving that outcome of a car as a brand new.

That way you won’t scratch the paint (make sure it comes with safety edging in order to prevent scratching), because as you can imagine rough sponges or cloths are not suitable for car interiors, or even for exteriors.

Also you can use a Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt made of wool, also when you are drying your car, work on doing small circular motions, this way you will avoid water streaks.

When using a car Microfiber duster or towel you will be removing smudged dirt, stains or grease spots and best of all you don’t have to add any additive chemical cleaners.

Just with this Interior Car Detail Duster you will have the capacity to absorb those particles of dust you are trying to clean off of your car surfaces with no lint left behind.

Expert recommend that you fold the cloth in order to obtain multiple new cleaning surfaces on the same towel or cleaning microfiber mop.

Another important tip is to clean the car in a place without direct sun exposure, because as you can imagine Water has a tendency to leave residue when the surfaces are drying, so it’s very important to to wipe the water off, that’s where duster enter the picture in order to avoid those streaks.

Btw, when you go shopping for best microfiber car duster look for those with long chenille microfibers since you will be able to grab dust from all sides and even those places where is difficult to clean as the cup holders, pockets, shutters, mini blinds, the steering wheel, storage consoles and and other delicate surfaces of your car interior.

Look for those dusters that come with soft bristles, specially for cleaning air condition vents and those tiny cracks on your dashboard.

These fabrics are extremely soft, so dusting with an exterior car duster will help you to maintain the paint of your car without scratches and those annoying streaks when you use less qualified materials for this task.

An exterior detail duster made of microfiber is so gentle on your car exterior and interior that, as maybe you are noticed, it is used at most automotive dealerships you have visited for polishing the vehicles.

Another advantage of a split microfiber is this is positively charged, and as you can imagine it will attract negatively charged dust particles.

And not only will attract, also will hold it, not just moving it from one side to another as happens with other kind of cleaning clothes.

I’m sure you are wondering how to clean a microfiber duster, once have made its job of collecting all that dust, is just matter of rinsing the dust and dirt out, just to repeat the process for other surfaces of your car.

Also look for Interior Car Dusters that are machine washable.

Other tip I can give you for a comfortable cleaning and dusting is to choose one Interior Car Detail Duster with comfortable molded handles for better performance, meaning you will be able to dust surfaces in a quick and effective way.

Also look for those that come in a compact and lightweight format since you will be able to store the duster in your glove box after a quick use.

There are those double sided chenille microfiber also which would be good for wiping away grime, leaving your car with a swirl-free finish.

I hope this review for microfiber car duster have been most helpful for you, you can also go directly to some popular brands such as the abro microfiber car cleaning cloth or the California Car Duster