Makeup Stackable Storage Drawers Cosmetic Palette Case Display Boxes Jewelry Organizer Ideas DIY

Have you left your makeup all over the place the last time you used it?

If the answer is a resounding yes, then the systems and items you will find in this issue will help you to be more organized, will give you more cool storage ideas for your cosmetic or jewelry.

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This article will show you some DIY ideas for clear your bathroom (or your bed, or whatever place you sue to "store your makeup").

The first thing you need to do it's to realized that you need a good exclusive storage space where you could deposit all your makeup items, right away, a makeup storage drawer(s) will help you to organize your head.

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You won't be wondering where you left your nail polish, and you will be able to find the cosmetic item you were looking for.

So this magazine will list many storage solutions and organizer ideas you can use to avoid the mess you were living in until today.

Enjoy the solution that fits you best.