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Did you watch the Little Prince Movie? Did you read the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry?

It’s a fantastic movie and the characters show an unique perspective for the life one should live.

This page it’s dedicated to those cute items you can give as a present to your kids, or to that special person, or as a party favor in your son birthday.

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The book is considered by many as a book for children, but life lessons hidden in the open are there mainly for adults who have long forgotten how to be like children and to see with the eyes of the heart.

This mini guide serves as a curated list of the best little prince gifts you can give for your loved ones.

Even you can give the gift of the book, if someone hasn’t read the book (english or french).

There are cute items like a Fox Plush Doll. mugs with messages from the book, T-shirts, shoes for babies, iPhone 6 Cases, etc.

Children have been playing with surrogate baby doll figures since the earliest eras of primitive people all over the world. When you gift a doll to your child, as a Le Petit Prince fox plush doll as if a personalized teddy bears to sleep, then you will be watching closely to see if the joy felt when love arrives appears on their little human faces and you will be capable of giving & receiving great love.

Enjoy what we have put together here and have fun reading the book and watching the movie if you haven’t done so.

Browse below to find even more cute little prince (le petit prince or el principito In Spanish) gifts for kids, babies and adults. May include pairs of gloves, scarves, slippers, clocks, butterfly suncatcher in glass, dolls, pens, notebooks, etc... one of these ideas could be one of the greatest gifts to give!

Giving gifts that the recipient will be happy to receive and at the same time be useful and unforgettable for any gift giving occasion, in christmas, on Valentine's day, a birthday, even on some holidays it is also common to give gifts like St Patricks Day, Thanksgiving. Would be considered by many with a little surprise like a the perfect gift!