Best Lipo Battery Fireproof Safety Bag Storage Charger

When you are charging batteries for your quadcopter risk of fire is always present. For reducing this risk it's a good idea to protect your batteries with a good lipo battery fireproof safety bag.

You will always want the better performance for your drone. Your batteries must be in the best condition possible and this include being properly charged all the time.

The purpose of this article is convince you of the need of having that extra protection offered by a safety battery holder, not only for charging but also  for those moments your quadcopter is in transit or stored. Being careless with batteries can shorten lifespan of batteries and that can be expensive long term.

A Fireproof Storage Bag Holder Will Protect Your Workshop And Home From Fire Hazard

 There are many safety hazards when you are charging your LiPos, for that reason it's very important to have proper care when you are handling them. Pay special attention to not overcharged a Lipo, also always use a good quality flame retardant holder bag. Proper charging is essential to increase lifespan of batteries and safe handling of cells.

You need these fire resistant holders to protect while you are charging batteries of your quadcopter, they are also very good for safe storage while you are traveling.(#ad)

Large Lipo Guard Bag For Safe Battery Charging 

This LIPO SAFE is intended to reduce the chances of damage o charging. One of the safest ways to charge and store your lipos.

LIPO Battery Storage Guard Safe Sleeve Bag Charging

The lipo battery safe bag is made from high strength glass fiber, which is a great guard to minimize risk when battery charging.

Using a lipo battery fireproof bag is relatively easy. It's just matter of enclosing the batteries into the bag, then you only have to route your charge wires through the vents at either side of the top flap. The last step is fold the flap to close the LiPo holder. The purpose of all these steps is to give complete isolation since the the industrial grade hook and loop fastener are very effective.

What Is A Lipo Battery?

Since we have been talking about lipo batteries protection, many of you may be wondering what are LiPo batteries. Well let me start by saying that Lipo is short for Lithium Polymer. LiPos are rechargeable well known in the RC world.

These batteries allow you to fly your mini helicopter and quadcopter with electricity instead of fuel. Another advantage of these batteries is they are lightweight and despite its size they can have store good amounts of energy (large capacities) and unlike other batteries like Unlike NiCad or NiMh, RC LiPo batteries have high discharge rates to power motor with high demand of energy like the electrical motor of your quadcopter.

Watch the following video: Lipo Batteries Explained

Also read this guide to understanding LiPo batteries.

From the description of above video: The S rating is the number of cells, the C rating is the discharge rate, and the MAH rating is the capacity. To figure out your battery, and match it to the correct motor or whatever, use the equation below.

C*Mah/1000C= the C rating on the batteryMah= the MAH of the pack. So, if you have a 3s battery, with a 20c rating and 1800mah, the equation will look like this 20*1800/1000=36. That pack will be able to handle at max, an amp draw of 36 amps.

Different Safety Holder Sizes For Different Sizes Of Lipos

The marketplace offer different sizes of fire bags, you have to choose your size according to your current needs (for example, maybe you need store several batteries). A Lipo Battery Guard Safe Bag is one of the safest way of charging and storing your LiPos, minimizing the risk of having to replace batteries prematurely.

Get a good fireproof lipo lithium polymer safety guard bag to offer extra protection to your lipos during storage. This safety containers are easy to carry and they come with a stylish and cool appearance so you won't feel like you are carrying an strange bag or something like that.

Many Youtube Videos Show Lipo Battery Fire Containment Tests

Multiple online videos in specialized YouTube channel can show you spectacular fires after a uncared Lipo is overcharged, for example. The moral of those videos is to never leave a LiPo unattended while is charging, always use the best lipo battery bag: a fire protection bag or simply a metal box.

Fortunately it's very easy to find multiple choices when you are shopping these bags. Flying drones is such a popular hobby that the marketplace has noticed the high demand for replacement parts, accessories and you won't have any problem looking the best fire bag model for your current needs.

Another advantage of online retailers (ecommerce) is that you can browse the reviews written by past customers so you will have some guidance of what products are best just by using the experience of other quadcopter enthusiasts.

Also online communities of RC enthusiasts are a great way of get education on all things RC and tips on the best lipo safe bags.

How Dangerous Are LiPo Batteries?Overcharge, Overdischarge, Short Circuit

Reduce Risk of Potential Fires Using A High Quality Storage Bag Holder

So now that you know that you should never  leave a lithium battery unattended while is being charged. Remember the risk of your batteries catching fire is high. Always make sure your lipos are protected, always!

The peace of mind that you will gain by using a good lipo battery fireproof storage bag holder is priceless. Other people have more safety measures in place by using a fire safe box to contain the battery inside the bag.

Lipo Battery Safety Bag For DJI Spark or Mavic Pro

Since DJI quadcopters are so popular due their high quality. This is a question many people ask: what are some good lipo battery safety bag for DJI Spark or Mavic. After all you want some special designed fire protection bags for protecting your DJI Spark batteries in order to prevent a potential battery overheat or explosion, and also offer extra protection from the  vibration while you are transporting them.

Get one of these portable bags made with top fire & explosion resistant materials, convenient for storage itself.(#ad)

LiPo Battery Bag for Safety Charging Storage & Travel with Safe Fire Resistant Material 

Ultra fit DJI Phantom Batteries, Lithium Batteries. double protection for charging

LiPO Safety Guard Bag Fireproof Explosion Proof Bag For DJI Mavic Pro Batter

A must have for your DJI batteries: safety charging, traveling, transportation and storage.

Ideally materials of good fire bags are flame retardant fiberglass woven fabric, heat-resistance, radiation protection, explosion-proof, anti-impact.

Best Safe Practices When Using LiPo Batteries

LiPo battery safety while charging is a high priority thing for you and your hobby. Using lipo battery fireproof bags should not be optional, they protect you from fire risks that are very common in this hobby, they also are good for traveling, transportation and storage.

So if you want to store and protect your lithium battery from being damaged when charging your lipo batteries then keep in mind these fireproof bags, (#ad)are very affordable. There is no reason to charge Lipo batteries without them being placed within a safety charging pouch or bag. 

The number one reason for lipo fires is to leave batteries unattended when charging. Also you should charge batteries on a surface that is non-flammable in a space removed from flammable objects, and of course inside a lipo battery safety bag. This space should be an open and well ventilated area. If a battery catches fire you want the hazardous fumes to be vented from the room.

Never store your LiPo's fully charged. They will maintain their performance levels and you won't need to cycle them unless stored for longer than 3-6 months. And always store them inside your LiPo pack safe.

Only use a charger approved for lithium batteries. Most proper LiPo chargers come with a balance option, if yours does not have it we strong suggest you get one. Depending on how much current you drawing from you LiPo each flight you may want to balance your packs every 3-5 flights to ensure each cell individually charged is ok and balanced.

Ensure that charger displays the correct cell count when you start charging. If you don't know how to do that, review your charger manual or get a charger that displays this information.

Just follow this important safety precautions and you will enjoy your flying time even more! Also make sure that your batteries are fully charged before flight.

Additional Tips For Choosing Your Lipo Battery Charger Bag: Best Materials

The material fire (and explosion) resistant bag holders are made of should be durable and sturdy. Think about it, we are talking about having a tight and secure container to avoid fire hazards while you are charging batteries and damages to your batteries while you are traveling with them. These explosion-resistant materials need to be durable and strong, capable of offering protection for your belongings in the event of a unwanted Lipo battery fire.

These bags are made of super strong fire retardant fiberglass nylon and will stand very high temperatures for a reasonable period of time, at least before you use a good fire extinguiser. The function of these lipo battery charging bags is to contain the fire inside the bag. The heat and flames resulting when a Lipo combusts should not spread with a good fire bag, that's very important for your safety and your family's.

Other great features of these bags is they come with a secure heavy-duty velcro closure and vents to reduce pressure. Remember these safety holders are useful both for those times you are charging batteries or when they are stored.

The Safest Way To Charge And Store Your Lipos Is Using One Of These Fireproof Safety Bags:

Bag material for these bags is made of fibers such as kevlar, aramid, which is fiber material for charge and storage. These flame retardant materials allow the bag safeguarding your LiPo batteries all the time: both charging and storage.

Fire bags for charging lipo batteries are a popular choice because they are large enough to store multiple batteries at once. Or you can purchase a couple of bags: one for storing your LiPo's and other just for charging them. But keep in mind you should not sacrifice the main function of fire protection just for extra storage. You don't want your precious batteries blowing up, catching fire, burning up, etc.  

Using these special bags is a precautionary thing, specially when you are storing them at home, since there are inflammable materials present such as carpets and drapes. Consider these lipo battery fireproof storage bags like a cheap insurance for extra protection against unwanted fires. Always remember to be around while the battery charge is taking place.

Do you need a good Fire Resistant Lipo Battery Bag? for Safe Charging & Storage? Remember: A good flame retardant bag is a safe way of protecting your Lipo batteries during charging, transit, and storage!

For safely transporting, storing and charging Lipo Batteries take a look at these alternatives below...(#ad)

HOBBYTIGER Fire Resistant Bag LiPo Battery Safe Charging

Made of supreme fire retardant fiberglass nylon

2pcs Lipo Battery Fireproof Explosion proof Bag Storage Guard

Stylish and artistic appearance, convenient to carry

Other precautions measures for Lipo batteries while they are charged is to make sure the charger rate is properly set and polarity is correct. Always charge using proper charging practices.

Always place Lipo Safe on non-flammable surface, and don’t hesitate to replace the lipo battery safety holder when this becomes ripped or worn.

Also, since it’s a related topic is important to mention some simple solutions that you could use a fire extinguisher when eventually your lipo batteries catch fire: some people simply use a bag of sand. others would prefer a fire blanket, others even drop the lipo in water to be extinguished (If you have time to get it out). So maybe it's a good idea to keep a bucket of sand nearby when you are flying or charging batteries. It's a cost effective way of extinguishing fires.

We hope the tips contained in this article have given you a safe guidance for protecting your batteries (and yourself) when it's time to charge your LiPo batteries. Have a great time flying your quadcopter!

Get This Large LiPo Battery Holder: Is Fireproof For Safe Charging & Storage

This safety bag is used for storing and protecting lithium battery from being damaged. Very convenient to carry and It's one of the safest way to charge and store your Li Po battery.(#ad)