Kitchen Island Cart With Butcher Block Top Wood Drawers Storage White Foldable Rolling

If you like to cook delicious plates but you feel that your kitchen doesn't have enough free space then maybe you want to use a rolling kitchen cart.

This kitchen cart with butcher block top offers great versatility and usability, while enhancing your kitchen with a modern look.

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These rolling kitchen cart offers multiple uses in your kitchen workspace, as simply as storage and they are easy to clean after cooking.

To re-create your kitchen space with one of these rolling carts, you have to consider that there are an ample array of styles and sizes.

From large utility carts that can be used as kitchen islands to smaller folding ones that will not use too much space and you can fold after use.

These kitchen island carts can be very helpful in storage or act as containers (you can find them as kitchen utility cart with drawers or rolling kitchen carts with drawers), they are good for declutter your general counter area.

Also you can find them with open shelves and towel bar which is very useful when cooking.

The manufacturer of these practical carts could make them from solid wood or other materials like stainless steel.

Find the ones with lockable casters in order to have stable workspace.

Please note that most model you find require assembly, but instructions are simple to follow.

Also I post some youtube videos if you want to know how to build a butcher block table top.