Kidkusion Retractable Driveway Guard Crib Rail Cover

One of the greatest joys that a woman can experience is becoming a mother. There truly is no greater love than the love that you will have for your baby. From the time you find out that you are expecting until you first time you meet your precious little one and throughout her first year of life, mother and baby will go through a quite a joyful journey together.

Today we are going to talk about some easy to install crib rail covers. These covers have a unique, chewy texture, making it perfect for teething babies, You don’t want anything that hurts their delicate gums.

We have covered some baby safety products before because we, as parents, want to cover any angle to offer our little babies and toddler the best place the explore without accidents and injuries, for example baby safety corner cushions or baby head bumpers.

Protecting your baby is always your topmost priority. While it's really enjoyable and overwhelming at times when you see your baby start making his way around his little surrounding, it is a universal rule of thumb to also start buying things that will definitely keep your baby safe.

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Those rail covers keep baby's mouth off of the actual rail. Just make sure you are purchasing non-toxic, non-vinyl rail cover that may contain phthalates and other harmful materials.

Today we bring this to your consideration: Kidkusion Gummi Crib Rail. This product falls in the furniture bumpers for baby category.

It’s a good product (but there are mixed reviews on amazon) with a chewy texture that will protect your little baby’s gums because his/her mouth won’t touch the actual rail, while stimulate teething.

This cover is easy to install, but only if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer, it comes with double-sided 3M tape in order to stay firmly in place attached to the rail.

Also it’s a non-toxic product containing no phthalates, nor BPA norlatex and it’s Splinter free, It’s made from medical grade material providing a safe biting surface and why not acting as safety bumper for your cute baby.

This ril cover provides a nice soft surface that your little chewer won’t be able to remove. It’s truly a baby proof product.

This baby safety guard comes with an unique size fitting all kind of cribs no matter size or style, round, square, wide, thin rails, you even can stick this cushioned cover to the footboard or headboard for extra protection keeping your baby from gnawing his crib rail.

Of course you can trim the length of the Gummi Crib Rail Cover. Please note: Do Not trim the width of the cover because you will cut the adhesive strips giving the cover less sticking power, also you can also consider purchasing the kidkusion extra wide gummi crib rail cover instead of the standard size or X-Large.

Now, one of the most common complaints I’ve read with this product is the disappointment of many people when they are removing the gummi cover and this tends to pull the finish off the wood of the crib, even when they follow directions and the heated the area before attempting to remove the sticker gummi guard.

Safety of your baby is priority. Always make sure you purchase medical-grade, safe and non-toxic rail cover. Also make sure you get a chewy texture babies love.

So to the question of the rail cover coming off easily when the baby grows and you are converting the crib into a toddler bed, there are many negative answers, even people said that i was better to fasten a towel to the crib to cover the rail, and if you think about it it’s a inexpensive idea, but maybe the design will be ugly, lol.

But nonetheless it’s a good and practical idea for diy a crib rail teether guard, and I think would be useful for other toddler furniture, but I think this is more a foam guard than a rail cover.

Well if you want to try this product for covering the rail of your baby’s crib protecting and soothing baby's tender gums then make sure you follow the easy instructions which basically are: clean the rail with regular alcohol for ensuring maximum bond with the cover, lay the gummi cover over the rail crib by slowly removing the adhesive backing and allow ten hours for bond and giving your baby a safety rail.

You can also opt for a Organic Cotton Side Crib Rail Cover, look for the ones that say: reversible Teething Guard.

The Kidkusion Gummi Crib Rail cover is a good furniture guard accessory for those new parents that want to offer safety for theirs toddlers or babies giving a soft surface for your baby to bite on, avoiding teeth damage and your kid chewing on paint and also providing Soothing relief for teething babies.

If you want to check other products for babies feel free to check our other issues on safety corners for furniture and glass tables, also known as soft corners. Also look for more toddler safety products in those issues.

I saw a good KidKusion Gummi Teething Watch for easing teething pain with style.

Is baby teething on his crib rail? If yes, then turn that crib rail into a giant, soft teether! Use a chewy, gummy cover that protects both baby and his crib, with the additional benefit of providing instant teething relief.

Also there other good brands like the Leachco Easy Teether XL Convertible Crib Rail Cover because your baby will chew on everything, remember they are explorers of their world. Other people look for clear gummi crib rail or protector.