Hubsan X4 Battery Charger And Spare Batteries

Do you want to optimize flying time and battery use efficiency for your Hubsan X4 Quadcopter?

Of Course You Do!

Don't Waste Any More Time With Your Quad On The Ground!

Then consider a simple solution like a battery charger. I'm sure you don't want to stop flying your quadcopter just for charging your batteries.

So it's better to have a battery set charged full when flying with your other batteries. In other words you rotate them for not wasting any time. This way you are optimizing flying time because you are not wasting time with your quad on the ground.

More Tips For Better Quadcopter Performance

Of course you have to give some time to the motor for cooling, otherwise you will need to have some spare motors for every flight session LOL.

A good tool for this rotation of batteries is the 1 to 5 Balance Charging Cable(#ad), so it's a Parallel Ports Charger when light indicator for knowing the charging status of your multiple batteries.

Good Selection of Hubsan X4 Batteries And Chargers

The Hubsan USB Charger for X4 H107C Quadcopter is a specially designed USB allowing you to charge your flying battery from just about any USB source (laptops, smartphone chargers).

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HUBSAN x4 "Must Do" Mods

You have to make sure that your batteries fit all connector showing in the picture of the charges of this issue.

Other thing it's to upgrade your batteries for better flight time, so you can search online for more solutions for Hubsan X4 battery upgrade for best performance. How lond does it take to charge?

Depending on how much you play with your quad. AKA how much you drain your batteries, you could need approx 35 to 40 mins charging the batteries.

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Pay Attention To Your LED Lights

You need to keep an eye on the LED lights, as soon they start flashing you know it's time to bring the X4 quad down and disconnect the battery.

Keep in mind you need to give time for the battery to cool off for at least 15 minutes before charging it again. It's very important precaution.

Upgrade Battery for Your Hubsan Useful For Several Models + 5 Port Charger

Guarantee 7-8 min flight time,high drain lithium-polymer rechargeable battery! More Time Up Into The Air!(#ad)