Fake Rocks To Hide Keys Spare Key Hider Magnetic Holder Hide-a-Key Fake Rock Safe Weather Resistant

If you are like me you have forgotten your house or car keys and out of desperation you need a locksmith to open the door of your house.

For avoiding those bad moments, you can use a cheap device to hide your spare keys from burglars, keeping your little secret just for your family: Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock. 

You can put this rock concealing your keys to the open view and nobody will know your spare keys are there.

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Who would have thought? Fake rocks to hide keys!

Many people are dreaming about vacations, but whilst we dream of vacation, there's one thing that many of us neglect to contemplate and that is home security, which, if we talk about being away from home several days, is a priority.

Crime is on the up and up. So how do you take charge and fortify your home security while you're away? It's not as difficult as you may think and you won't have to lay down a princely sum to get the job done either.

Appearance is key. A house that looks unkempt and uncared for is asking to be robbed. This means that when you do leave for your vacation, you should keep up appearances.

Before of all, don't leave a message announcing your absence to the world. Turn down the volume of your telephone as well so that it can't be heard from outside.

Remember to lock all doors and windows should be secured as well-don't leave any open and lock them up. And be sure to cancel deliveries-suspend your mail and newspapers/magazines.

Be sure to mow the lawn and have the garden put in order. If you intend to be away for more than a week or two, have a gardening company take care of your lawn for you.

Lighting is very important here as well. Be sure to keep all entry ways well lit. Put both outdoor and indoor lights on timers. Alternatively, for your outside lights you could use motion detectors or light sensitive photocell mechanisms. This helps to give your home that occupied look.