Heart Shaped Ice Cream Scoop of Love

Heart Shaped Ice Cream Scoop

This is one of those great ice cream scoop party favors.

It's very practical and ice cream lovers will love it. Spread the love with this heart-shaped elegant cute scoop. It's a very creative Favor and best of all is it creates heart shaped ice cream.

Just imagine the ice cream packed into the mold and when you press the lever a heart shaped serving of ice cream is produced just for you! What if you could couple this with a heart shaped serving dish.

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If you give away this great wedding favor your friends will absolutely love it.

This is a unique piece. It's an ice cream scoop and food dipper with a heart shape made from 18/10 stainless steel with insulated handles. High quality product made in Germany by Stöckel, a four generation family manufacturing business. KH25 Model.

With its size of 1/25 liter, it's great for ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, rice, butter, mashed potatoes, melon balls, cookies, cakes, etc. Spring handle for easy grasp and release of food with plunger to expunge food.

Since it's made of stainless steel it's dishwasher safe.

These professional heart shaped scoops are the ideal utensil for home, gelateria, restaurants, hotels etc. Heart size - 1.35 fl oz, heart shape is 2.36" at its widest (side to side), 1.81" tall (as if the heart was "standing") and 1.18" deep.

This scoop makes serving food easier than ever.

Maybe you landed on this page looking for an image of an ice cream scoop, this heart shaped ice cream scoop is perfect for beautiful decorative desserts.

Scoop of love ice cream scoop or a heart shaped ice cream scoop, both will let you experience sheer happiness while enjoying your ice cream. Best to use for ice cream or mousse.

The words scoop of love written in black script on the plastic handle. Other models could be customized with cute shapes engraved in your spoon. Kate Aspen's ice cream scoop, is another alternative, also the beautiful scoop of love stainless steel ice cream scoop.