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If you want to know how to cook frozen lobster tails then search no more since this page contains easy to follow recipes, tools and even the lobster tails from warm water to prepare a wonderful recipe at home over the stove or in the oven.

Seafood it’s so delicious, the taste of the meat in the tails and claws is great! It doesn’t matter if you want to cook or grill your frozen lobster tails, you’ll end up with a fantastic dish that your family will enjoy.

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One of the main benefits of frozen lobster it’s that you can purchase it and store it until you are ready to cook, also these tails are easy to purchase even in online retailers and since they come previously prepared you won’t have any problem cooking them, they are almost ready to be served over your table.

Yes fresh live Lobster it’s better (all fresh and raw things are better anyway) but we are talking about convenience and a budget friendly meal.

You can get frozen lobsters tails from many different varieties of species which you can get at different affordable price points.

Generally, we have two sources where we can get this delicious food, some harvested from cold waters and others come from warm waters.

Most people and chefs prefer the cold waters variety. To cook frozen lobster without losing that amazing flavor and texture then the first thing you should do is to thaw the tails before you are ready to cook or grill and the way you do it is letting them sit with package unopened immersed in water for approx. 24 hours in the fridge.

If you want to use the microwave to thaw just be careful to just defrost without any further cooking.

After thawed now the tails are ready for immediate cooking, now it’s up to you and your preferences to boil or steam, broil or grill, all ways are delicious.
Since boiling it’s one of the most popular (and easier) presentations of this dish, let me talk about it first, you simply fill a pot with enough water to cover the stars of the show, then simply add salt and start heating the water to a rolling boil point when you let drop the lobsters into the boiling water, one good rule of thumb is to cook 1 min per each ounce of lobster tail. If you prefer the steamed version of this seafood meal, it’s almost the same only that this time you will need way less water (about 1 to 1 ½ inches of water into pot). You simply use a steaming basket which will be hanging into the pot where only the vapor will touch the lobster not the water directly. You still will heat the water to boiling and also don’t forget salt (about tbsp per liter of water), you then proceed to cover the hanging basket with a heavy lid to retain the steam and wait for about 5 to 8 minutes, just be careful when lifting the cover because the steam will be very hot.
What to serve with lobster tail? after you use a platter with some hot clarified butter decorate as main course then you could put vegetables, fresh green herb chopped salad, a side of butter, rice or baked potato, risotto and garnish tails with a wedge of juicy lemon and you will have one of the best meals on earth. Other people prefer an appetizer of mussels in garlic and wine sauce, I’m sure you will have plenty of good ideas to complete your dish.