Tim Ferriss Exofficio Give N Go Boxer Light Travel Underwear

If you want to travel light, which is the best way to travel btw, then you have to practice packing minimalism.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Brief are good for exactly this since they are extremely quick-drying, which means you have to include fewer pairs of them because you can wash on the go.

They are ideal for anytime you have to go outdoors or for long travels think backpacking, fishing, outdoor work and even just lounging.

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For easy care machine wash and tumble dry. But they are high performance and low maintenance.

They are treated with antimicrobial treatment (Aegis Microbe Shield) they're odor resistant so they are great for keeping you fresh when you are traveling to places with tricky climates and those who are active adventures.

Exofficio lightweight underwear with quick-drying fabric

They are a both comfortable, and practical solution for light packing.

Just imagine you are in a travel and then each night you simply wash them out and by morning (or a few hours after) they are dry, fresh and ready for a new adventure day.

They are full cut, comfortable and very flexible, so they are great for long walks traveling and hikes.

Definitely they are a good alternative that enables you to pack lighter. Just include a good pair of these ex officio give n go boxers underwear and a few packets of detergent (or get them in a store near the place you are visiting for extra space) and there you have it: many days or weeks with fresh clean dry underwear without packing a lot of them.

They are a little more expensive than the typical men's underwear but they are well worth the money.

the main benefit is you don't have to wait for hours after you wash them, they dry in about two - four hours.

Also they are breathable, The diamond-weave mesh fabric allows airflow to keep you cool comfortable all the time.

To quote tim ferriss on his exofficio underwear blog post:

2 pairs of Exofficio lightweight underwear. Their tagline is “17 countries. 6 weeks.

And one pair of underwear.” I think I’ll opt for two, considering they weigh about as much as a handful of Kleenex.

One other nice side-effect of their weight: they’re much more comfortable than normal cotton underwear.

They are the perfect solution for ultralight packing. For example the above video is about the Photographer Gregg Bleakney cycles from Alaska to Argentina with just two pairs of ExOfficio Give-N-Go underwear.

Exofficio give-n-go underwear has been proclaimed as the best underwear on the world for light packaging, many people says that these boxer briefs are the one-and-only solution to any and all of your backpacking or outdoor underwear needs.

But there are also other people that comment issues such as: The fabric won’t retain its shape, expanding as you move and creating increasingly annoying fit problems with every step.

So that means that by the end of the day it’ll fit completely differently than it did at the morning. Also they say the fit is oversized.

So the main point is they are well-suited for adventure and travel, they come with built-in features to keep you dry and fresh no matter where you are traveling.

If you are wondering how to travel light, use a breathable Exofficio boxer.