Estes 4606 Proto X Nano RC Quadcopter Review

Today we'll be talking about the Estes 4606 Proto X Nano RC Quadcopter.

This is an Electric Powered nano quadcopter, 2.4GHz Radio Controlled. Keep in mind is designed for Indoor Use Only or outdoor when it's calm.

It comes with Six axis gyro with a specially designed system that self-corrects the toy regardless of the direction that it's launched. This system will welcome beginner to play with this nano drone.

These Nano Drones Will Capture Attention From Your Friends/Coworkers

Ready to fly with controller out of the box, it comes 4 micro motors work together for excellent performance and very stable and precise flight. This Estes 4606 Proto X has accelerometers designed for auto leveling. It's designed as a durable toy, specially good for beginners.

Be Careful With The Battery

Very important note: Due to the very small size of this nano R/C quadcopter, the Proto-X it comes with LiPo battery that is not designed for replacement, so if you attempt to replace this battery your quadcopter will be damaged.

These are mini RC Drone with LED Flashlights making the flight more spectacular under dark conditions. Literally fits the palm of your hand!(#ad)

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RC helicopter have three different flight speeds. You can use it in different flying environments and feel different flying experiences.

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The LED lights give it a WOW factor that will impress your child and their friends. Bright and eye catching, so much fun to fly anytime.

The battery is simply charged in the quadcopter using the included USB charge cord. Some reviews of customers of this quad say the controller is of bad quality, but those same reviews agree that the hubsan quadcopter controller will bind with the nano copter, and then you can do flips and have to speed rates. 

Some Tips To Fix Potential Issues With Motors

Other reviews are not as good since some people report cases where one of the motors is not keeping up with the others and obviously they are not satisfied with its performance.

Have A Good Flight With Your Estes 4606 Proto X Nano RC Quadcopters

Btw, if you have this same problem of one motor not keeping up with others then check that the blades didn't come backwards from factory. There is a A blade and a B blade, you can check on the arms by the motor there is a tiny A beside two of the motors and a B beside two of the motors.

So if you have a blade on the wrong motor then could appears that the motor is not keeping up with others. But it's happening actually one prop is pushing down instead of up.

Maybe yours doesn't come with any problems from factory and you will be able, just like other enthusiasts, to enjoy this nice little quad.

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Maybe you will fall in love with this tiny flying marvel. Its tiny size it's its appeal. It's perfect for enjoy your new favourite hobby inside reduced spaces such as your home or office.

Fly Your Estes 4606 Proto X Nano Quadcopter

With Its tiny size you will impress your friends! You will be able to recharge quickly with the included USB charge cord. Your flight will be very stable and smooth. Nice tiny lights add fun when flying in the dark in any open indoor area!(#ad)