Downhill Full Face Skateboard Helmet Bell Predator Safety

You may start considering to wear full-face skateboard helmets when your skateboard riding gets into high speeds, or when you do downhill longboarding, This way you are not only protecting your brain and skull but also your face, even from lower speed falls.

These time we’re not going to preach you about why you should wear a helmet for extreme sports, I hope you are already converted to the safe side, so you already know that Wearing a helmet is a no-brainer, and also a safer-brainer! This article it’s about those skaters who want maximum protection.

If you visit some of the best online vendors of protective gear for biking, skateboarding, longboarding, etc. you will find they have helmets from those traditional half-shell ones to those stylish cool full face helmets from brands like predator. These helmets are mandatory in order to participate in racing events. Btw, If you are specifically looking for XXL skateboard helmets because the ones you check out are not big enough for your big skull then go to this article to find the right helmet suitable for your head size.

Normal helmets are designed to take multiple impacts where most people will hit there head at a slower speed, again multiple times. Now, this is not the case with most full face helmets, because these are made to take one hard impact and that’s is the did their job, and most of them become useless after that you have to throw them out.

Most of these kind of helmets use a lightweight, stiff protective inner liner made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). This protective liner is meant to condense, break, crack or fracture upon sustaining ONE MODERATE to HEAVY impact, it’s better this way so that your skull doesn't have to! So since these full-face head gears are not tested for multiple impacts, it is important to inspect the exterior and interior for damage after a fall.

You should replace the helmet If the exterior shell or interior liner looks damaged in anyway, aside from surface abrasions. Please read that paragraph again. The idea behind full face helmets construction it’s to give extra protection for all parts of your face exposed to risk of injury were you not wearing these special helmets: your jaw, your chin, cheeks, and nose (at some extent); for that reason it comes with a chin bar that extends across your face.

For your eyes protection they come with a visor to shield your eyes from little objects like sand, airborne debris, tree branches, and also for the sun. Also this kind of helmets are designed for those skaters who like to travel at very high speeds, especially when they skateboarding downhill, they are made with a plush interior with extra padding to offer good cushion from eventual impacts when you are doing this high risk activity.

FF helmets are made with a thin, exterior hard shell designed to cover almost all your head, and your eyes and nose at lesser extent, that exterior shell can be made out of: Hard plastic, A fiberglass composite or Carbon fiber. Of course, as when you are choosing a traditional helmet, you need to keep in mind mind some basic considerations when you are choosing your next FF helmet, your head size, it’s a must that you learn how to measure your head’s circumference placing a tape measure around your head 1 inch above your eyes (around your temples).

It’s very important for your safety that the helmet you purchase fits right, you don’t want a loose helmet while skateboarding. Sometimes this head gear comes in just one shell size, but if you add or remove the pads included you will be able to change its size according to your situation.

Now, there is the debate between those people who advocate for full face helmets and those who prefer those regular half shell ones. These last ones are good and they do offer good protection for your skull, but if you notice you are going for high impact situations like when you tend to go faster sometimes, choosing one traditional helmet with a hard shell (not the soft padded shell) is better.

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But if he next step up in longboarding helmets are full face helmets. Now, if you really like faster speeds your face have to be protected at all costs, then definitely go for a full-face helmet. There are good brands like Bell, triple 8 and predator making full-Face helmets at an affordable price. Even they have helmets designed specifically for Downhill Skateboarding like the Predator DH-6 which is one the best downhill skateboarding-built closed helmets.

Make sure the one you choose is CPSC Certified, this way you could wear it in any state and also you can use it for mountain biking and BMX too. Not only it’s the safety issue, you also will feel more confident (especially with an air tight visor) and comfortable, so full faces inspire confidence and you will focus your attention more in your practice than anything else.

But keep in mind that your face have to be saved, you won’t want to do a 40mph faceplanting, Body tissue disappears rather quickly on pavement at these higher speeds. Even at slow speeds, braking using your face gets messy very quickly. Now any helmet is better than none, just that full face offers more protection, but no matter what speed, wear one please! I know that the DH6 predator brand comes with two different visors; clear and smoke tinted.

Bucket Helmets Are Nice, But If You Like Go Fast And Have A Face Fit For More Protection...

This way you will ride in style and safety regardless of weather condition or if the sun it’s high. It’s lightweight so would not interfere with your sport practice because it’s comfortable. It comes with double D-ring chin-strap closure for maximum safety while a small chin guard vent plus a internal ventilation system will reduce visor fog while keep you cool at the same time.

So if you simply want additional protection for your face, Then choose one of these FF helmets, many many pro and amateur riders are comfortable using one of these lightweight protection helmets, and are doing in style. Remember, those helmets comes in one shell size but they include a fit kit of pads with 2 size cheek pads to insure a proper fit for your head size.

If you get a full face, you won’t worry about falling and you will keep focusing on skating, so you will do skateboarding with more confidence. A full face skateboard helmet, for downhill especially will give you that protection against frontal impacts that an open face lid does not.

If you consider that downhill or even skateboarding itself it's a dangerous sport then try to involve your children in other more considered safe sports like soccer, baseball or basketball. If you are a basketball fan then these Michael Jordan coats and hoodies for babies could be a perfect gift for your little ones.

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How to ride downhill on a skateboard

1. Learn how to stop first! The most common and safe method is to footbrake. Take your back foot off of the board and slide it along the ground until you slow down and stop.

If you're comfortable enough on the board, you can also tailslide. With your back foot on the tail, push down on it so the tail drags along the ground. Lean forward so the board doesn't slide out. This is not recommended by most people because it tears up the tail of your board.

An alternative to tail-sliding that doesn't tear up your tail is to heel-slide. It's the same thing as a tailslide except your back foot's heel is hanging over the back of the tail, so the heel of your shoe slides on the ground instead of the tail sliding on the ground.

2. Keep your front trucks looser than your back trucks. Wobbles start in the back, so it is good to have the front trucks looser than the back trucks. Just make sure that they are not too tight or it might be harder to carve/turn. This is the best thing to do because this will help minimize your wobbling when you are going fast. As you get more comfortable with your abilities, you can start to loosen your trucks.

3. Stay calm. When you get nervous or afraid, you put tension in your muscles which can cause you to over correct each turn. If you stay relaxed and loose, the likelihood of getting speed wobbles is dramatically reduced.

4. Keep most of your weight over the front truck. Crouching with your knees while going downhill will also reduce speed wobbling. Don't crouch too low. Also remember to keep your legs fairly loose, otherwise you may get additional speed wobbles from your muscles tensing. If you begin to experience speed wobbles try to loosen up your legs and slowly straighten up your stance. Keeping your weight over your front trucks will also help to minimize speed wobble and give you better control over your board.

5. Bail out only if you absolutely have to. Otherwise, there are several things that you should always attempt first:

Try making very wide, deep carves to slow yourself down.

Foot brake to lose some speed by lightly dragging your foot off the deck and on the ground. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of scrubbing off speed, especially when there isn't enough room to carve. Bailing should be done only as a last resort, but if necessary try to bail onto grass or make sure that you roll when you fall.

6. Ride away smoothly once you're at the bottom.

The best way to increase duration on the skateboard is gain more speed. Or you could buy better bearings and bigger wheels.!!

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