Contigo Autoseal Randolph Vacuum-Insulated Handled Stainless Steel Travel Mug With Button Lock 16-Ounce Gunmetal Replacement Lid

Many people balk at the higher price charged for metal mugs. While slightly more expensive than their plastic counterparts, these mugs generally offer much better benefits.

They are differences between different models of stainless steel mugs. For instance, not all metal mugs are double walled for insulation. The best travel mugs (metal or plastic) use a vacuum insulation system, which draws a vacuum in the space between inner and other shells much like insulated bottles do.

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When considering a tumbler style mug the type of lid is very important. If the intent is to carry the mug either full or partially empty in a purse or briefcase, then a tight seal both on the mug lid and the sipping port is crucial. This top end metal mugs include special push button closure systems and other locking mechanisms designed to be nearly 100% leak proof. 

With so many neat features it is easy to see why these mugs can be a bit more pricey than their plastic cousins.

This is the perfect travel mug for you! 

You won't have leaking and spills problems while you are traveling because this Contigo Autoseal Randolph (as its name indicates) automatically seals the lid between sips. 

And since it's made from double-walled Stainless Steel you will keep your beverages cold or hot all the time.

For maximum hands-free portability this mug fits most standard car cup holders and single-serve brewers.

It's a great container with up to 16-ounce of your favorite beverage while you are traveling.

Enjoy your favorite beverage in your next travel with this stainless steel travel mug.

One of the best features is the Button lock, where you can lock the bottom part of the mug for extra protection against accidental opening while you are in your car.

There's free software to create a family coat of arms and you can then buy shirts, hats and coffee mugs with your personal family brand. Or even if you have a company are in the market for promotional products that truly help in getting your brand name noticed, you must first consider the factors that are to fuel your marketing strategy.

Launching your business onto the next level may prove as easy as finding and implementing the appropriate tools. The best news is that your plan does not need to be overwhelming with complex and matchless ideas; it simply needs to be a plan. A good idea could be distribute as many travel mugs and thermoses as you can to as many purchasers during trade shows, expos and conferences.

You can also consider the contigo autoseal west loop stainless steel travel mug with easy clean lid or the 20 or 24 Oz. mug with Open-Access Lid. Enjoy!

Personalized thermoses and travel mugs are not only advertising tools but are thoughtful and meaningful tokens of appreciation as well. Show your existing customers that you value their loyalty to your company and make them a part of your holiday gift list.