Cole And Mason Forest Capstan 200mm Wood Salt And Pepper Mill Grinder Set Refill Precision

You have two pepper options. You could buy powdered and packaged pepper or you could buy fresh peppercorns. The problem with the first option is that it loses its flavor easily. The same goes for salt. Then, buy a high quality salt and pepper mill grinder to make food appetizing. If you cook often, then look for a durable mill.

The best place to do your shopping is online. Read very many online reviews so that you can make a good buying decision. Previous customers often write reviews for the product they have already used.

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Try products from famous brands, such as Cole And Mason and enjoy fresh peppercorns and salt daily in your home.

The classic design of the Cole and Mason Forest Capstan (the dark wood it's a cool touch).

You can adjust the grind of pepper and salt by changing the position of the knob on the lid.

It come with a Precision grind mechanism for pepper and salt.

It has a hardened carbon steel mechanism for pepper and diamond sharp ceramic mechanism for salt and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Also there is a video for learning how to open and refill a cole and mason salt and pepper how to open