Extra Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag With Wheels Decoration Artificial For 9 Ft Tree

Christmas is busy, fun, exciting, and sentimental. We love it all -- all but the part when we have to clean up and put everything away.

While it may be tempting to just throw everything into boxes and worry about sorting it out next year, you'll be sorry when a precious Christmas decoration or ornament gets lost or broken. Following these 10 tips will help you...

A. Save space by using the right kind of boxes that can be easily stacked and organized.

B. Save money by storing your Christmas lights and decorations in a manner that preserves their quality and extends their life span.

C. Save time by getting all your Christmas decorations organized so it's quick and easy to find them next year.

Many people simply don’t know what to do with the christmas trees they used to decorate their halls after holiday ends.

They only want a good place or bag or box where they can store the artificial christmas tree for reusing next year without many hassles.

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One of the best solution is to place all your christmas tree parts inside special heavy-duty boxes or bags specially designed for that purpose.

Since most of the christmas trees are large, you need to make sure your storage bag is extra large for christmas tree storage bag for 6-9 feet trees.

Don’t rely on the box your tree came from manufacturer, these cardboard boxes become misshapen, torn, and difficult to carry.

The most common place where you could store your artificial tree is the basement, but still if you store it there things could be messy because sooner than later you will have so many thing accumulated there that will have a hard time find your christmas ornaments for next year.

If your basement or garage is full of things, or you don’t have a storage shed then you could consider freeing up a good space for your holiday decorations.

This issue is focused on those special post-holidays boxes or bags to put your artificial-tree parts into.

There are many online and local places where you can buy one of these storage equipment for organizing your home without any problems at all.

The good thing is the marketplace has a multiple size choices because everyone's artificial trees are very different in size.

Use one of these and you will be able to quickly pack your tree into the intended storage.

If you have a large tree then look for one roomy bag where you will be able to fit your 6 to 9-foot artificial xmas tree, without balls and decorations, you have to get other special box for other ornaments, it’s best that way.

If you want the most comfortable option for carrying your packed tree then consider one of these storage boxes with built-in rolling wheels for easy transportation with minimal effort.

Needles to say wheels make easy moving the artificial tree to and from the place where you have these things stored.

There are some models with integrated in-line skate wheels on the base for even more easy maneuvering. Since you will use it for a big heavy tree (with weights up to 100 pounds) then look for those with reinforced plastic inserts, and heavy duty stitched handles to avoid problems when carrying the tree safely from one place to another.

If you think the best way, for your own case, of safely storing your artificial Christmas tree you will have a lot of time both when packing the tree and when you will be unpacking it next year, so your life will be a lot more easier.

Since this holiday unwinding process is a dread thing because most people will have to invest a lot of time doing trivial things, getting a special bag besides them will ease things and will help to do things more smoothly.

Your best option is to have a storage box ready by the time you finish taking down the tree.

One simple solution is to use a practical and an easy to use system such as TreeKeeper tree storage system where you simply have it attached to the stand of the tree (disguising it as a tree skirt).

And when it’s time to unmount decoration you simply open the tree skirt, pulling the skirt upward by the handles, and voilá your compressed hinged tree it’s ready for being stored away in your garage or basement until next year holiday season.

We have already mentioned that your best option, for bigger trees, is to get oversized wheeled holiday storage bag, these extra large bags are able to hold artificial trees from 6- to 9-feet tall.

To be able to purchase the best box or bag for this purpose, do some pre-purchase research by check up on the manufacturer's website, or amazon or walmart reviews to see the features the model they have do offer.
Also most of companies that manufacture artificial Christmas trees will also offer a heavy-duty bag that will fits, so you won’t have to do any shopping in other company.

One the best benefits of having a proper storage for your tree is to be able to preserve the condition of the tree.

And for a cheap price you will save money by prolonging the lifetime of the tree protecting them from rodents, or bugs and spider webs.

Also the shape of the tree won’t become distorted and warped keeping branches from breaking or bending, Also the bags will prevent dust from settling on the branches, and if your it’s a pre-lit tree a good storage box specially designed for xmas trees will protects lights from dampness and tear.

Another benefit is that you will have all the Christmas-tree items neatly stored in the same area, you know balls, keepsakes, hanging decorations.

If you don’t think ahead of things all your decorations will be all over the place, scattered among multiple plastic bag and boxes and in various places of the house, guaranteeing that your next year’s installation will be a nightmare.

Since these tree storage products will protect from damage or decay during the off season. it doesn’t matter if you have to pay a little of money for obtaining one of these, because you will have a xmas tree almost like brand new next year.

And since these storage bags come in a ample variety of price ranges you could be getting the one that best fits your budget and current needs.

They will be saving money for the long term because you won’t have to purchase a new artificial tree for many years. Shop for holiday storage containers such as: plastic bags, duffel bags (sometimes they come with wheels), cardboard or plastic boxes, upright tree enclosures (for storing the tree in a standing position).

If you don’t have the money, well, then use any type of storage solution, even a cheap plastic bag will keep dust, debris and moisture away from the tree, so this cheaper solution it’s better than nothing at all.

At least cover up your tree with an old sheet. If you have the space, store your christmas tree fully assembled. next year things will be a lot easier.

But if you can afford a good durable bag, then look for the ones with padded inside, with dual handles for transporting a tree horizontally or with with heavy duty wheels for rolling the box in comfortable fashion.

One of the best model you could find is a Elf Stor Premium Christmas Tree Bag, or a Elf Stor Premium Red Rolling Duffle Bag Style.

Also, treat all your christmas decorations in the same way using separate boxes.

You won’t want to mix your ornaments with strings of lights, for example, because for sure next holiday season you will spend more time just sorting the whole mess out, so separated boxes and bags are a must.