Cheerson CX-10A Review With Headless Mode

This time we are reviewing the mini quad Cheerson CX-10A.

The Cheerson CX-10A Is A Cool Quadcopter

One of the distinct features of this micro drone it's the headless mode. What this mode allows you is the ability for you as drone pilot of keeping fixed directions when flying the CX10a quadcopter.

What this means is no matter the direction of the drone it is relative to you (comes to you or is flying away from you) you will easily will be able to bring the quadcopter back to you.

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In this headless mode you just have to pull back the stick and the quadcopter will fly towards you even if the drone is oriented towards you. As you can guess, this feature it's very easy for first time beginners who could confuse left and right when flying in the traditional mode.

It's intended to help beginner pilots, but as you advance in flight skills you soon won't have the need to depend on this headless mode.

What Does The Box Include?

This is what is included in the box when purchased: The super nano cheerson CX-10A, a USB charger cable, some spare propellers and of course the instruction manual.

Have A Good Flight With Cheerson's Style

This micro drone it's so tiny that fits on your palms. Its mini size (The radio controller is bigger than the actual quadcopter) promotes durability and strength when crashes because won't crash hard so the impact won't make you to lose some propellers or damage the main body shell which it's made of strong plastic.

Now a word of warning: headless mode shouldn't be used for beginners all the time because will teach you bad flight habits if you ONLY use this flight mode. If you learn your basic orientations you will soon have more fun flying in traditional mode!

Because you can charge so quick and fly so often you'll notice your battery is dying within days. So It's better to have a battery charger ready or better yet a couple of extra batteries.

Be Prepared With A Good Battery Charger

The cheerson cx-10a comes with four LED lights that will help you to orient yourself when the quad it's in the air (2 red at the back and 2 blue at the front).

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Enjoy Your Cheerson CX10A Mini Drone

With headless mode,n o need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control.(#ad)