Best 35mm Film To Digital Image Converter Scanner

If you are like me you have a lot of stacks of 35mm Slides and Negatives and you want the tedious task of converting them on digital images.

There are several great advantages of have your analog negatives digitized, first of all it’s of course preservation, you want your precious memories to last forever.

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Other good reason is portability, you don’t want to be stuck with all those stacks of slides and negatives running the risk of losing them.
Of course you are already convinced of those benefits, you don’t need I tell you anything more, but you came here looking for the best of the best 35mm film to digital image converter, where not only them offer you great quality but conversion quality, but ease of use and that you can work in batches, not one to one task at a time.

When choosing a converter, it’s best to start with a general idea of the kinds of media you want to digitize.

If you have made several searches before I’m sure you have found the brand Wolverine, and maybe you are interested in some reviews of their digital converter models.

With Wolverine devices you can convert all your 35mm film packs into a 20MP images easier and faster, you just place your films and negatives in the convenient front tray and you let the machine do its job using its image sensor, think of it as a scanner.

One of the most used format for output is jpg, so you can convert many items to this digital format, just ready for archiving and collecting your precious items in digital format. You are not stuck with only 35mm media, you can convert 120mm film (positive or negative), paper photo, business card, etc.

The Wolverine device and all other good converters should have good storage memory (32B minimum), otherwise you would have to transfer your digital items to empty the memory in order to keep digitizing, so that’s not good.

Wolverine has created a very simple to use device to convert all your 35mm film into a 5 MP JPEG digital images in mere seconds. It’s simple to use, it only requires a push of button - NO need for computer or software. No complex setting, use it right out of the box to convert all your 35mm Negatives and Slides.

All images are saved on internal memory or external SD memory card for your convenience to instantly play them on the unit's color screen, TV or upload them to your computer.

Power it by simply plugging it into an AC outlet or any USB port.

Other good thing of these standalone film-to-digital converter is just that, they are standalone machines you won’t need any external software or computer in order to start your job. One of the good jobs I kept hearing about the wolverine brands is that they offer and deliver a good resolution, and it’s integrated memory.

So wolverine it’s one of the best for converting slides to digital images. If you are looking for one of the best slide to digital image converters, then the Wolverine F2D20 could be the one you need, offering a cost effective solution for using a professional device.

Go for one of these Wolverine Super F2D 4-in-1 Film to Digital Converter. And don't discard your negative films just because they are safely stored as their digital cousins. you can view them as they currently are using a slide viewer.

I listed a couple of pana-vue negative viewer devices this issue.