Walkera Genius CP 6-axis Gyro Mini 3d RC Helicopter

Are you looking for a nice RC helicopter? meet Walkera Genius 6-axis Mini 3D Heli.

This is a ultra micro 3D flybarless helicopter. Enjoy stability and good performance flying this nice helicopter.

Walkera Genius CPp 6-Axis Gyro Mini 3D RC Helicopter

This is another great addition to the Flybarless family in walkera. Flybarless means less moving parts, saving more flying energy for longer flying time, also this a good helicopter for beginner´╗┐s.

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In general less parts it's good for any helicopter! Also it comes with 6-axis gyro technology, efficient control system, greatly for stabilization, specially good for new by pilots.

The Genius CP (Collective Pitch, which allows the helicopter to fly inverted, so you can do 3D flying and multiple aerobatics without concern with this wonderful flying toy) it is very durable due to the crash resistant frame.

This Helicopter Is Great For Beginners

This Walkera RC helicopter is great for beginners pilots. Feel free to watch the videos included in this post to see some test flights of this particular model.

Have A Good Flight With Your Walkera Genius Helicopters

Online videos are also very good way to learn how to repair or replace some parts after a crash. Both beginners and more experienced pilots will have a crash, and it's better to invest in a brand that you know supply replacement parts.

Scroll this page to find the model you like the most! Yes, this Walkera model is a little older  but you can find newer models here posted in this article, get an idea of its performance and then look for newer models of this brand.

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