Buy Hasbro Pie Face Board Game For Sale

Are you looking for that hilarious Pie Face game where your opponent might splat you in the face?

The hilarious Pie Face game is filled with fun and suspense, and somebody's bound to get surprised!

Instructions are very simple: players load the arm with whipped cream or the included sponge. then they take turns sliding their heads through the mask and spinning the spinner.

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But, watch out, as you turn the handles,! there is reason we told you this game is fill with suspense!

When you slide your head through the mask The arm could go off at any time giving someone a hilarious face full of whipped cream!

That’s the legend in the box of the fun game Pie Face! that you can find in sale in so many online stores where hasbro board games are sold for all the family.

This board game is fun and excitement derived from the suspense of somebody is going to be splatted by the hand. It’s a hilarious game that all your family can enjoy with lots of whipped cream in the next victim.

With this game it’s very easy to get all ages involved!

This time the suspense is fun: who will be next? am I the next one who gets a splat in the face, if you are not you will score a point to win this great Pie Face game from Hasbro Gaming.

This game is ideal for children from Ages 5 and up and you can enjoy easily the game in family because it’s designed for For 2 or more players.

Now a safety note: to provide the best experience for player, never substitute other materials in order to play this game, always play with the sponge that comes with the package.

Any time the pie throwing hand might splat you whipped cream in your face while you rest your face in the chin rest, will be you next? if not you score a point.

If you want lots of laughs we recommend this game for your family. Now, keep in mind that it’s not made with the best durable materials, so the game could break down at any moment because it’s It's cheaply made. You can see in our videos on youtube.

It was falling apart on us. The face guard and handles kept coming off. Also one valid suggestion I wish the manufacturers hear is they should make or include a girl head guard because girls also enjoy the game.

Buy hey, it’s also not expensive and it doesn’t require batteries.

I list some other fun games, just in case you want explore other fun options or to complement this pie face game smyths.

I hope you find the best price and you have found the answer to where can i buy pie face game for your next vacations or enjoying at home with your little ones.

You can find it on Argos, best buy, walmart, Amazon. Happy face splatting and lots of laughs.

Be careful! there could be a big surprise in store!

That pie-throwing arm could go off at any moment!

The simple Pie Face game brings family together for lots of laugh-out-loud funny moments!