Portable Evacuation Cribs For Child Care Centers Daycare Emergency

If you are on the lookout for that ideal evacuation crib for your home daycare location, then look no further. Daycare centers need baby cribs that are high quality, durable, easy to clean and of course should meet current safety regulations

This page is the online spot for helping you to choose the best style of crib. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for fixed side cribs, portable compact cribs, drop gate cribs or play yards. You will be able to choose from an assortment of stylish wooden cribs, conventional steel frame cribs, and much more.

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Children safety and risk protection are the utmost priority on any place where they are playing or living. It doesn’t matter if is in a nursery, a daycare center, hospital, Grandparent's home, our own homes, specially designed evacuation cribs are an excellent vehicle/furniture to safeguard our little babies and toddlers against any potential tragedy.

Portable evacuation cribs are required by law in hospitals, daycare centers and other facilities in order to provide a safe and quick evacuation of children in an emergency situations like fires, earthquakes or others.

Evacuation baby cribs for daycare centers are just portable crib for babies with built in safety features that will allow first responders to safely and quickly evacuate children from those facilities.

Of course for those special cases is necessary a first responder evacuation protocol sign, with the proper signs and equipment in order to follow exact and clear instructions on how to evacuate toddlers in a safe, efficient and fast way towards the planned areas outside the building.

The best value these cribs will offer you is safety and quality. Also look for a steel box frame mattress with center support, this will provide added reinforcement and durability. Smooth, plastic teething rails protect child and crib, while making it easy to maintain.

Another markers of high quality are high strength fasteners for superior durability, if possible search for frames with lifetime warranty.

Daycare cribs are available in several styles such as mirrored, clearview, or slatted ends to best suit your daycare nursery room. Don’t worry about available space because most of good daycare cribs should be compact size to allow maximum room in your childcare facility.

Also it’s very important to provide easier accessibility for the caregiver (such as a lower profile) thus reducing back strain. A very good option is to have cribs with clearview allowing you to see the baby well while they sleep.

It’s extremely important the use of high quality emergency evacuation cribs because these can be lifesavers in those emergency situations where seconds count.

Also you can use evacuation frames (attached onto regular cribs), this way you will improve maneuverability and will add strength, especially useful because in those cases you may need to place several children in the emergency crib.

If you want the best of both worlds look for those evacuation cribs for child care centers with a color coordinated finish, matching hardware you currently have in your facilities.

Speaking of durability look for those with high strength fasteners and superior construction made of solid steel, evacuation frame. And if you want caregivers to be comfortable then look for crib with lower height, which provides easier accessibility to babies.

Complement with good antimicrobial mattress and you will have a nice and durable crib for your center. Also look for those evacuation cribs which are easy to maneuver safely and quickly with integrated easy grip handles.

And for faster identification of these cribs they should come with evacuation signs and icons which allows for immediate recognition by first responders.

A good evacuation cribs for daycare, hotel or hospital should have a nice quality mattress for comfort and cushion, and end panels should have clear and sturdy panels allowing visibility of the child(s) inside, and also as a protection shield in cases of fire, flood, earthquake, they also should be designed in a way that view isn’t blocked as the caregiver wheel the crib where she wants to go.

The mattress can be adjusted to three different heights. Evacuation casters or wheels should allow for free movement with a smoothly glide because infant evacuation must be quick and efficient.

If your center is in need for several evacuation cribs, then look for inexpensive options you could research and will provide a good value for your money, there are some good models made of steel with a sturdy enough frame that is useful for emergencies, but make sure that you look for the ones that meet all required standards and safety regulations, so it’s better to check all your regulations before purchasing.

One of the most common sense features you should check is to make sure you purchase a sturdy crib that will last.

There are high quality cribs for a very reasonable price. With lots of options you should not settle with a crib that’s not nice and made well. The assembly of the crib should be easy and quick.

And for those room where children are moving from cribs to cots, a good option might be to get folding cribs, they will save a lot of space if many children are moving to cots.

Also if you are looking for some replacement parts such as evacuation crib wheels or end panels or frames, you could purchase some kits in order to repair the daycare evacuation crib. In case of casters look for sets of 4 commercial grade casters made from heavy duty steel.

Since most people are not on the top of their capabilities while handling emergency situations, mind is foggy, it is important to have safety procedures and fire evacuation cribs in place to make things simple enough in the event of a potential crisis.

Of course caregivers, personal and rescue workers must prepare and practice those protocols and equipments with evacuation drills in child care, hotel.

Also search online for some emergency evacuation plans for child care centers. Look for crib models that are commercial duty from trusted brands such as Angeles, Foundations, Whitney Brothers and others.

Don’t forget relevant items such as mattresses, crib sheets, bumpers, drawers, crib evacuation kits and other crib accessories, because they will make work with these cribs much easier and will help´your babies sleep like angels.

Then browse below for some good models of compliant compact cribs and evacuation frames which meet CPSC standards for childcare centers and other facilities.