Front Mount Child Bicycle Seat Vs Rear Mounted

If you are a huge fan of front-mounted child bike seats. This type of child bike carriers is one where you can see, talk, and interact with your child.

If you’ve seen tiny tots riding around, perched between their parents arms, and are curious if this option might work for you, read on. I’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of front-mounted child/baby bike seats, and then list the best seats that are on the market.

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Look for a seat that offers a safety and comfort advantage compared to other child bike seat options. One seat that allows you to maintain control of the bike when loading and unloading your child. One that’s easy to install, simple and easy to use yet lightweight and compact.

As you can guess, a front-mounted child bike seat is installed at the front of the bicycle over the top tub. This bike seat attaches to either the headset or the seatpost.

The Front Mount Child Bicycle Seat, it’s designed for those parents who want the best family bicycling alternative for riding their little babies, you want the best experience for both you and your toddler while keeping in mind safety.

One of the greatest advantages of these front mounted baby seats is that they offer your child an ample range of vision, while you can see what they see, and you can also make and easy interaction with him/her, unlike you can’t do having your baby on a rear or back seat, so you both will have very beautiful and rewarding moments riding along your little baby seated in front of the bike.

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Of course, your child will enjoy the front seat much better because your back won’t block his front vision as happens with a rear seat. Also, your toddler will feel he’s in control of biking, because he’s in front.

So to answer the question of which child bike seat choose, front vs rear? I only have a question: do you want to see your baby all the time or not? You just don’t want to turn your head just to see if all it’s fine back there with your kid.

The front-mounted child bicycle seats are great for comfort both from your kid and yours. I’d prefer always to see what my little baby is doing making sure he is safe and comfortable during the bike ride.

Now, the safety concerns on the Front Mount vs. Rear Mount debate having to do with the block of front vision the rider will have if the kid is older than let’s say 3 years old, because obviously this represents unsafe conditions for riding.

Also if you want your child to enjoy the ride, then teach him early the good habit of wearing a bike helmet, and if possible knee and elbow pads. Other people say that child's front position helps to keep the center of gravity over the bicycle frame, not behind the rider, allowing more comfort to the cyclist and the passenger.

Before you purchase any bike seat (regardless if front or rear seat or even a bike trailer) you need the best seat according to the bicycle you have, and the types of rides you like the most (fast, leisure, short, long), so keep those consideration while you are shopping around the best option for you and your little bike copilot.

One of the greatest safety advantages of using a front seat, at least for me, is that they allow you to see your child all the time, anticipating so many thing that could happens inadvertently if your child were on a back seat, for example, you can see some situations such as your toddler fell asleep, or his body tilting over, etc.

Another advantage it’s that the front seat could give more weight balance to the ride. Keep in mind that the these kind of seats are Recommended for infants from one to four years old, look for the maximum weight allowed from each manufacturer.

So needless to say you have to look for those front seats brands from high quality manufacturers, and with good reviews online or from the vendor.

Also look for maximum comfort for both you as rider and your kid, I mean look for those seats where are plenty of space for your legs so you can bike with ease:

Some good brands I found online are: iBert safe-T-seat, Tyke Toter, Schwinn, BoBike, WeeRide and more bike baby carriers.

Definitely use a front-mounted child bicycle seat for added safety and comfort. Also you will enjoy the big benefit of putting your child directly in front of you for easy and safe interaction.
Front-mounted seat means easy handling; quick installation and removable.

Before you purchase measure and weigh your child in order to choose the best seat and the most compatible with you bike. Usually these kind of seats takes just a few minutes for installing (or removing), and you will be able to easily seat and remove your kid from the seat.

Riding a bike should be a fun and personal experience with your little kids, for that reason child bike seats are a good, comfortable and safe option. There is the alternative of using bike trailers, but the level of interaction is not as good as with a front seat.

For a while I was only aware of the back seat for children (it’s more common in stores), but one I saw the front mounted child bicycle seat it became my favourite for my baby because he will have an unobstructed view of the scenery ahead.

I hope this front mounted child bike seat review has been helpful on your decision. Have fun riding your bike with your cute passenger.

If your preference it’s a front bike seat then make sure you read the reviews above and choose the model that meets your expectation.

A front bike seat is interactive and fun because puts the child up front in the middle of all the action.