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Rebounding is a fun a great exercise. It’s a good cardiovascular workout but safer since it’s low impact for your ankles, or knees. Not only is rebounding fun and convenient, but it’s an excellent exercise that helps you lose weight. You can easily jump on your mini-trampoline in your office, living room, or in your backyard.

A rebounder is also called a mini-trampoline. How much weight you want to lose, and how quickly, will determine the rebounding workout you choose. Rebound exercise offers the ideal aerobic effect with almost any rate of performance you do, because it fills all the requisites of an oxygenating workout.

The aerobic effect while you are rebound-jumping equals and often surpasses that of running. It’s a unique workout as it uses both acceleration and deceleration to work on every cell in your body in a distinctive way.

Rebound exercise strengthens your heart in two ways: It improves the tone and quality of the muscle itself, and it increases the coordination of the fibers as they pump blood out of the heart during each beat. It also encourages muscle performance by causing muscles to do their job in circulating fluids throughout the body to lighten the heart's load

People who jump on a mini-trampoline a few times a day for a minimum of 10 minutes each time find they're able to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense. Jumping boosts metabolism and improves resting metabolic rate so you can burn calories long after a workout.

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The effect is not just psychological, because the action of bouncing up and down against gravity is one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises ever developed.

In addition to being fun, a trampoline workout, also known as rebounding, has many great health benefits — particularly for your lymphatic system. A trampoline workout can also strengthen your body while detoxifying the cells within it.

Also, rebounding can burn more calories than walking or jogging. It’s a great way to work your major muscle groups because it allows you to work them through their full ranges of motion! This rebounding workout can also help strengthen your legs.

Rebounding protects the joints from the chronic fatigue and impact delivered by exercising on hard surfaces and also helps manage body composition and improves muscle-to-fat ratio. Other benefits include detoxification, toning, improved metabolism and stress relief.

Just bouncing is great, but I find that I get way more from a session when I incorporate kicks, punches, fast and slow bouncing, squats. Mix it up and you'll see what feels good. Adults can start with 5 minutes of rebounding and increase their time as their fitness level improves.

Seniors can start with 2 minutes several times per day, with at least 30 minutes between rebounding sessions.

NASA research says rebounding is the most effective exercise ever devised by man. Rebounding could be up to 68% more effective than jogging on a treadmill of comparative speeds of 9 kmh!

Plus, it’s a low-impact exercise option that’s very easy on the joints — something running can’t match. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline can burn 500-700 calories per hour depending on the type of exercise you are doing.

So you may end up losing weight through rebounding along with a healthy diet. To lose 1 pound per week, you need a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories weekly. If you want to permanently lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

You can create this deficit by burning 250 calories daily through exercise and reducing your calorie intake to 250 calories below the amount you need for weight maintenance. As with all forms of exercise, rebounding it make take months to produce major weight loss results, so please be patient.

Depending on your weight and exertion level you'll burn between 100-280 extra calories in a 30 minute session. Also, rebounding is easy to incorporate into any weight loss program, and it helps both raise your heart rate and strengthen muscles.

Repeated bouncing works your legs, thighs, and buttocks to make them burn more calories at rest.

Research shows that an average 140lb female will burn approximately 405 calories in a 40 min rebounding session. Not to mention all the other health and fitness benefits such as increased circulation, lymphatic drainage that helps rid your body of toxins, increased joint stability to help strengthen hips, knees, and ankles, and also greatly improves your balance. All this in just one workout!

Not only helps for controlling your weight and body fat, it also increases the capacity for breathing, it circulates more oxygen to the tissues, it helps normalize your blood pressure and it increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.

Jumping It's the ideal low-impact aerobic effect and it's always useful as a precursor exercise for higher intensity exercises.

Please note that this can only be achieved if you use a good quality rebounder. Preferably rebound in bare feet, because this helps to prevent your feet from slipping on the mat surface.

If you want to learn how to choose a good trampoline. First of all, it’s critical that you don’t go the cheaper route because non high-quality trampolines tend to break or malfunction, causing injury. They also lack the support needed to be effective.

It’s important that your rebounder has at least 32 springs that taper at the end. This provides the proper flexibility and a more even bounce.

Rebounding on a trampoline provides a low-impact, calorie-burning cardiovascular workout that's easier on your joints than high-impact activities like jogging and step aerobics.

It's necessary for older people to start gradually in order to give the connective tissue holding the internal organs in place time to strengthen. The good thing is that there is no need for special instruction to start rebounding but it is important to use it correctly and start off slowly.

Begin practising by slightly moving up and down continuously with your feet remaining in contact with the mat. Your rate of rebounding will vary, depending on how vigorously you bounce and how high you lift your feet off the mat.

The traveler may wish to carry a portable rebounder around so they can rebound in their hotel room. Rebounding is a practical way of exercise around. The only equipment you need to do rebounding exercise is a rebounder and a small space.