Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers Up To 2 Years How To Teach Your Child To Ride A Balance Bike Quickly

Choose the best balance bike for your toddler and let him/her enjoy the riding fun!

A good designed balance bike will help your little kid to familiarize with keeping balance while in motion, providing a safe foundation for the future when he feels safe to ride a pedal bike.

It’s not hard to teach your toddler how to learn balance. Children will instinctively throw a leg over their balance bike and want to go. Encourage them to do this and give them praise for any amount of time they spend on their bike.

Don't push them to do things they are not ready to do or they may just rebel against the whole idea of riding.

When they learn the independence for riding a bike for the first time that will be a vivid memory that will give him wonderful times into the future.

Kids who start out on a balance bike will find very easy to to a normal pedal bike without the “standard training wheels. The earlier your toddler start on a balance bike, let’s say 24 months or even 18 months the sooner they will start riding a pedal bike without training wheels, let’s say 3-4 years old.

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But not rush things, it’s not needed, the worst thing that can happen is for children to get scared by trying something they are not ready to try. It can take months to undo what a scary moment can do.

What is a balance bike? A balance bike is a small bike for toddlers. A balance bike is like a small children’s bike, with no cranks or pedals. It has no pedals and rather fat pneumatic tyres. Most bikes come with one brake, although most toddlers will slow down using their feet at first so choose their shoes wisely (no Crocs or flip-flops).

Look for the best balance bikes: they come lighter than those small wheeled bikes, and their carefully design frame and parts are well made to fit very small hands and to support light bodies. If your child is a bit bigger, you can simply remove the pedals on a bike and transform it into a balance bike.

A toddler gets to focus on balance, not on coordinating pedals with balance. So if you let him to focus on just one thing at the time, he will learn the skill of balance in no time. And as you can guess balance is the most important skill to learn in this game of riding a bike. Also Balance bikes also help develop core muscle strength and endurance.

We got our son a balance bike (small wooden pedal-less bike) for his third birthday. These seem to be the modern way of teaching bike riding. At the moment he sometimes will 'walk' the bike for few feet, but generally show no interest in using the bike.

He's not super interested in his tricycle either. Maybe he too young (36 months)? Find a low grade hill, a hill that will let the bike move forward without effort but isn't steep enough to have him traveling at warp speed. Start low on the hill at first, the momentum will help balance the bike and your son will get the hang of it. As he does move further up the hill. Once he's no longer thinking about balancing (because that's the real issue with riding a bike you don't think about it you just do it). Start teaching him on flat land to get the bike started.

Normally, when your child is around 4 years old and has been regularly using a balance bike, you will find the transition to riding a pedal bike without stabilisers fairly straightforward as they have already learned to balance, steer and brake.

When selecting the best balance bike for your child, the biggest dilemma you're faced with is which is the perfect fit considering that only a handful of retail stores stock them and if they do, only a sample of demo models are available to check out.

Adding to this, balance bikes are available in a multitude of colors, sizes, materials and even different types of tires, making the process of choosing the right one, overwhelming! Skip those pesky training wheels altogether and help him to enjoy the learning process with one of these amazing no pedals bikes, they are lightweight, fun and even cute.

Choose One of The Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers, Boys or Girls

A huge benefit that your child will acquire will practicing to ride a balance bike is gross-motor skill development. You as a mom or dad, are always looking for those toys that are offering developmental skills for your children.

As you may imagine learning balance and coordination is important for injury prevention and developing a foundation for future development of fine motor skills.